Senior Full Stack & Data Engineer (m/w/d)

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Full Time
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Big Data/Datawarehouse/Business Intelligence
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Job Description

Embark on an exceptional career journey with a company that stands at the cutting-edge intersection of technology and intellectual property. Dedicated to revolutionizing how intellectual property data is utilized and managed, our client blends advanced analytics with profound industry insights, offering unparalleled solutions. Join a team where innovation, creativity, and a forward-thinking mindset are at the core of everything we do, making significant impacts in the intellectual property domain.

My client is at the forefront of blending technology with intellectual property (IP), analyzing millions of global patents to determine their financial value. They use a proprietary database and sophisticated analytics to uncover the innovation strength of companies and markets, vital for today's investors. This process integrates patent insights with financial data to develop ranked, innovation-focused stock portfolios based on quantitative strategies.

Joining my client means being part of a team dedicated to revolutionizing IP data use, where innovation and a forward-thinking approach are key. They offer unmatched solutions in the IP field, providing a unique opportunity to impact investment strategies in technology and innovation.

Senior Software Engineer (m/w/d) - Data & IP Solutions

Your Role:

  • ETL Stack Supervision: Oversee and maintain an advanced ETL stack, leveraging Python and Airflow for optimal data processing and integration.
  • API Innovation: Drive the development and enhancement of a customer-facing API, delivering a seamless and enriched user experience.
  • SOLR Engine Management: Manage and fine-tune a SOLR text search engine, ensuring superior data searchability and retrieval.
  • Library Development Contribution: Aid in the expansion of internal reusable libraries, enhancing our tech ecosystem's efficiency and scalability.
  • Tech Stack Migration: Facilitate the migration of our existing technology stack to AWS, setting the stage for innovation and growth.
  • Direct Customer Engagement: Deliver tailored customer requests with precision and creativity, following a comprehensive training period.


Your Profile:

  • Business-Acute IT Expert: With over 5 years of experience, you have a robust background in IT, spanning various functions and industries, showcasing your ability to innovate and scale software solutions.
  • Comprehensive Software Understanding: Adept in the full deployment cycle of software, from Python-ETL, PostgreSQL databases, through Solr and Airflow, to Flask-backends, customer-facing APIs, and Snowflake, your skill set is both wide and deep.
  • Builder and Scalper: Proven track record in not just building but also scaling software services to customers, demonstrating your ability to meet and exceed user needs.
  • Eager Learner and Contributor: Your motivation to grasp the intricacies of software across its entire lifecycle empowers you to contribute significantly to our team and projects.
  • Previous Experience with IP (Intellectual Property) data is a plus, but not required


What You Are Getting Out of It:

  • A Platform for Impact: Join a mission that goes beyond the ordinary, where your work significantly influences the intellectual property landscape.
  • An Innovative Culture: Immerse yourself in an environment that cherishes creativity and innovation, allowing your ideas to flourish.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Be part of a collaborative, dynamic team where diversity of thought and mutual support is paramount.
  • The ability to acquire shares of the company
  • Remote work is possible: You can perform the position from the Munich office or remote, with travels to the company around once a month


Step into a role where your technical prowess meets strategic insight, in a company that's reshaping the future of intellectual property management. Your expertise is the key to unlocking new dimensions of innovation and success. Apply now!